Join Us/Added Value for schools

Membership of AISLi means quality service. AISLi inspectors' visits provide a guarantee of quality systems and demonstrate the desire of each school to maintain standards and further develop quality services.

For the teaching and administrative staff, the inspections are a demonstration of the values of AISLi schools and their dedication to staff development through seminars and professional training.


  • Growth - Life-long learning, benchmarking.
  • Accreditation - Through inspection to provide quality guarantees and continuous development.
  • Development and Security - The motivation to confront and resolve new situations.
  • Information and know how - The constant exchange of information regarding market tendencies, legal aspects and funding. - the sharing of expertise regarding new educational products such as Macmillan English Campus, available through AISLi schools as an additional teaching resource.
  • Prestige, visibility & profile – Perception of quality.
  • Research & Development – The study and sharing of marketing strategies, accounting and managerial systems, educational materials and services.
  • Consultancy services –Open dialogue with all AISLi members and the opportunity to consult specialists during AISLi meetings.


Associate Members: