Join Us/Added Value for schools

Membership of AISLi means to have a mark of excellence on the market. AISLi inspectors' visits provide a guarantee of quality systems and demonstrate the desire of each school to maintain high standards and further develop quality services.
For the teaching and administrative staff, the inspections are a demonstration of the values of AISLi schools and their dedication to staff professional development through seminars and professional training.


  • Growth - Life-long learning, benchmarking and through inspection a continuous improvement of the school services.
  • Accreditation and Credibility - Increased the credibility and status of the School as a quality and excellence language provider on the national market.
  • Information and know how - The constant exchange of information regarding market trends, legal aspects and funding opportunities.
  • Professional Development - Annual seminars with international speakers for teachers, study directors and front office staff .
  • Updated Teaching Materials - the major publishing houses of the sector are present at AISLi seminars and available to schools to guide them as best as possible in the choice of new products and texts texts to be adopted.
  • Prestige, visibility & profile – Perception of high-quality services offered and enhanced visibility of the school through the association partnerships, government sectors and other educational organisations to promote the strengths and benefits of the schools as a premier study provider.
  • Research & Development – The study and sharing of marketing strategies, accounting and managerial systems, educational materials and services.
  • Consultancy services –Open dialogue with all AISLi members on any issues that may arise and the opportunity to consult specialists of the sector during AISLi meetings.


Associate Members: