About Us/Partnership and Achievements

AISLi has been an associate member of EAQUALS (European Association of Quality Language Services) since 1995.
The association has a close partnership with the British Council which promotes inter-cultural relations with countries across the world and which, along with the University of Cambridge ESOL Italy, has been an associate member of AISLi since May 2005.

Among the associations' recent achievements are:

  • The Ministry's recognition of AISLi schools' Attendance Certificates as valid for educational credits (crediti formativi) Circular n. 117 of 14 april 2000);
  • Inclusion in the Ministry's list of Associations Accredited for the Training of School Teachers (Ministerial Decree 177 of 25th October 2000);
  • Recognition of the AISLi Inspection Guide as a valid instrument for the evaluation of quality in the inspected schools.

Over the years AISLi has developed close ties with the Italian Ministry of Education which recognises AISli schools' Certificates of Attendance for the purposes of educational credits.


Associate Members: