About Us/Student's Charter

AISLi membership guarantees that in the Associate schools:

The Students' Charter codifies the level of professionalism and the characteristics of the teaching environment requested by the Association.

  • the satisfaction of the student is a fundamental measure of the quality of services rendered;
  • that the students find professionalism and experience in the teaching and reception staff,
    together with the running of the school;
  • students are placed in the courses according to an accurate preliminary evaluation of their language level taking their individual needs into account;
  • the premises and classrooms are appropriate to the requirements of language learning and equipped with appropriate teaching resources;
  • the safety and well-being of the students, during their presence on the school premises, is assured;
  • the students have the opportunity to meet and confer with the teaching and administrative staff, whenever necessary;
  • the students' progress (tests, assessment, exam results) are held on record;
  • the students can move to other member schools, and find the same standards of quality.


Associate Members: