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• Eugen Joa

I was greatly pleased and honoured to be named an honourable member of AISLi (along with Patrick Clare, another founder member), and it is something that has been a great encouragement and stimulus to me. 
When AISLi was founded in 1979, it was unique in Italy, and even in Europe. It was the forerunner of associations which were founded much later, and indeed it is my belief that EAQUALS would not have come about had it not been for the existence of AISLi.
Peter Brown was a great Chairman of AISLi before his appointment as Chairman of EAQUALS on its establishment in 1991.
I will always regard AISLi as an extremely professional association of capable knowledgeable people , based on a principle of mutual trust.

• Tim Priesack

I am a founder member of AISLi and served two periods as President. 
The first following Patrick Clare, many moons ago, and the second which lasted something like six or seven years (over two terms as I was re-elected) ended when I decided not to stand at the Palermo AGM when Lindy Cronin took over. 
During my two terms as President AISLi grew considerably. Several new schools joined. One reason for this was the recognition of AISLi leaving certificates by the Britsh Council for "crediti formativi" at state schools.
AISLi schools were the only private language schools outside the British Council, to have such status. At present I am responsible for the LANG-Pearson Longman ELT imprint for the Primary school.

• Patrick Clare 


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