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Inspection Procedures

What the inspection represents:
The inspection is the key tool for controlling the quality of the service offered and the integrity of the member school's behaviour.

AISLi has set up a system of inspections which also aims to monitor the potential growth of schools and this represents a phase of development for the participating school.The new inspection schemes are included in the document "AISLi Inspection Guide".This document was submitted to the Ministry of Education, which issued a letter of appreciation for the work shown.

AISLi inspection system is a quality management tool for schools because:

• Evaluate the performance of teaching and administrative activities in a clear and impartial manner, verifying the quality of teaching and ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct and the Student Charter;
• It provides a precise view on the dynamics of the school and lays the groundwork for improvement, if necessary;
• The inspection is seen as a moment of growth and not only as an evaluation of the school's potential, because it is carried out by professional inspectors, who work in the field of school facilities management;
• The inspection ends with a written report on the work of the school, a reference document for any actions that the School's management will have to take.

The inspected school must cover the inspection costs and must cover the costs of travel, board and lodging of the inspectors regardless of the outcome of the inspection.If the school passes the inspection, it will be invited to join the Association.The inspection is repeated every three years.


Associate Members: