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For over 40 years AISLi has been responsible for setting quality and high professional standards within the foreign language schools in Italy. AISLi’s vision is to be the leading mark of educational excellence for the sector. Among its aims the expansion of its accreditation and the recognition by the Italian Ministry of Education, with whom we closely cooperate, as an influential voice on standards and quality for language teaching.

AISLi seeks to promote excellence in language teaching in Italy by providing guidance and support to qualified schools and those seeking efficient learning. To achieve these aims the association has established a demanding set of administrative and academic criteria for the membership backed up by a rigorous inspection scheme in order to guarantee that members comply with full quality in language education and a professional level of services offered to the public.

AISLi Accreditation:
AISLi accreditation is held by selected schools and language providers all over Italy embodying the excellence in language schools nationwide.

AISLi members schools’ are accredited according to a quality charter that verifies the application and compliance of the Students' Charter and the Code of Professional Conduct.

In order for a school to become an official member of the association, AISLI inspectors must perform an on-site inspection and verify that all required criteria are met. This same process is repeated every 3 years, to guarantee the maintenance of the quality of teaching.

Institutions that carry our endorsement and the AISLi mark therefore represent some of the leading and most reliable language providers in Italy.

Also on this website you will find the latest information, updates and documentation needed for achieving and retaining accreditation, along with details of AISLi’s additional services and support.


Associate Members: