It is the year 1970.
A group of teachers and a secretary start working at International House in Via Marghera, joining the Italian department set up in 1967.They are very young, but from the very beginning they feel united, very determined and with an enormous love for their work. Slowly they discover to have a common dream: to create a “unique” school.

It is the year 1974.
Dilit was founded. The same group, more and more closely-knit, determined and passionate acquires the Italian language department from Prof. Zappa. The dream is still the same: to create a “unique” school. But how? They have very clear ideas: to offer their students the best possible didactic experience …and to go to work each morning with a smile.

It is precisely May 8th 1974. The “magnificent” adventure starts.
Correctness and legality are essential from the very beginning. From day one to today, the results obtained have been many: a research department was created and a decision taken to have paid on-going permanent training; books and texts to teach Italian have been written, an annual International Seminar to share the results of their work with other colleagues has been organized; the “newsletter” Dilit was published and a Teacher training department established with more than 5.000 teachers trained; more than 70,000 students from all over the world have enrolled in their courses, becoming part of their history, many of them coming back year after year. Moreover, also thanks to numerous agencies which represent Dilit all around the world, quality brands and awards as the best language school in Italy have been won.

It is the year 2019.
Our 45th anniversary and we proudly realize that our dream has come true: we have created a unique and magnificent school, with a united and professional team pursuing the “magnificent dream”.

Our thanks go to all those who have helped us make our dream come true.
Thanks to who is joining us now or who will do so in the future. Thanks to our partners and agencies, our students, all our colleagues… near and far. Thanks to those who are not with us anymore. Thanks to everyone who has helped us to create this special reality, with passion and love.
With you all we want to celebrate and toast Dilit for the next 45 years.

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