“Challenges and Successes”

Torino, 20-21 settembre 2019
Training for English Teachers of AISLi Members Schools of English

This is the inaugural year for the "AISLi Teachers Conference" and it'ssure to be one worth attending. Drawing on the considerable expertise and experience of international teachers and teachertrainers from our member schools, the first AISLI Teachers’ Conference aims to provide two days of practical, classroom-oriented teacher development on the leadership for teachingEnglish as a second language, exploring how we can provide the teachers with the skills theywill need for success.
It will focus on three age-group strands (Young Learners, Teens and Adults) and will includehands-on workshops and peer presentations on topics ranging from perennial CPD issues suchas Classroom Management and Teaching Lexis to specialist areas like 1:1 teaching.
The two-day conference will not only explore F2F learning, but also the use of new technologiesin education, and how to support learners with special needs.
It will be an English medium conference, but teachers of other languages are welcome andencouraged to attend.

There are plenty of opportunities to network, share ideas and maximise professional developmentat breakout sessions and post-conference events. We hope that teachers will leave the conference with a raft of new ideas to take into theclassroom and the energy and enthusiasm that comes from participating in a full and intensiveprogramme of meaningful CPD but also with a strengthened sense of AISLI community, ofcommon objectives and shared quality standards.
The event is dedicated to AISLi members schools.
To know how to become a member please visit this link.